Metal Printing

Fancy and luxurious metallic patterns are printed on the Base Film layer. Designs of metal patterns or materials with glossy metallic colors can be produced.

주식회사 에스엠 주식회사 에스엠
  • Urban

    Urban is a surface material with evenly applied monochrome color on its surface.
    It fits various interior styles with its modern solid colors design. Clients can choose design elements simple patterns, trimmings, lines, grids, etc. to fit their preferences.

  • Galaxy

    Galaxy has more prominent noise than Urban and has stronger sparkling effect.
    Dazzling shapes are harmoniously placed to produce a design that is reminiscent of star lights in a night sky. Such effect adds to feelings of depth and dimensionality to the space it occupies.

  • Aurora

    Aurora is an attractive surface that shows different colors depending on the changes in lights and viewing angles.
    The color changing effects occur due to the refractions and reflections of lights from different angles.

Providing innovative surface treatment technology and allowing for various colors to be applied to the base films.

Various surface treatment needs can be met such as base materials, patterns, surface textures, colors, etc. Meticulous inspection from the moment of client’s product commission to the completion of the best product.

주식회사 에스엠 주식회사 에스엠