• Scale

    World’s largest mass-production capability

  • Quality

    Strict quality control for the highest quality product

  • Trend

    Continuous research and development to lead the industry

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SM is capable of producing 6 million sqm per month, the world’s largest.

We were able to achieve our mass-production facility through our growth and trust from our clients in our quality. Striving beyond quality and cost-effectiveness through mass-production, we ceaselessly work towards securing our unique technology and expertise.

주식회사 에스엠 주식회사 에스엠

Perfect Quality Assurance allowing not even 1% of risk

SM is the company you can trust for quality assurance.

We have optimized human resource management and production management to achieve no compromise on qualities to impress our clients. We prevent potential insecurities and improve upon them, and any quality issues that occur are tracked until resolved so that we may deliver perfect products.

We apply the Broken Window Theory to deny even 1% of risk and create the perfect environment and the perfect product. Even 1% is a huge discrepancy to us, and we tirelessly labor to overcome even the smallest of risks.

SM became a leader with ceaseless research and dedicates itself to research and development even at this moment.

  • SM is the standard for high-glossy furniture film.

    In mid 2000s, SM and its collaborators revolutionized the industry after developing and mass-producing a high-glossy furniture coating film leagues above existing products and continues to lead the global furniture coating film market.

  • SM is the standard for SUPER MATT furniture film.

    Matt furniture coating film first introduced by SM in 2009 spearheaded the matt trend in the coating market.

  • SM is the standard for anti-fingerprint film.

    In 2018, SM again introduced for the first time to the industry an anti-fingerprint coating for furniture films to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Presently, SM has presented to the market a product that goes beyond anti-fingerprint and has easy contamination removal features.

  • SM continues to challenge itself and produce outcomes.

    The research department of SM relentlessly pushes towards development of various functional coating films. SM’s advancement and outcomes will continue.

주식회사 에스엠