Developing various functional coating films to expand the future potential of the industry.

  • Furniture Film Industry

    Develop and produce decorative films used on surfaces of wooden materials for furniture such as MDF or particle boards.

    Highest market share in the world in the furniture coating film area

    Production of various custom films to meet the diverse needs of the market

    Development of various anti-fingerprint and metallic surfaces

  • Inkjet Canvas Material Industry

    Develop and produce inkjet canvas material capable of fine art of museum quality or photo via inkjet printing.

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    Finest ARTIST CANVAS made from high-quality woven material

    Nano coating technology to provide high resolution

    Excellent durability and reproduction of the original texture

  • Metallic Hairline Film Industry

    Develop and produce metallic hairline films that provide rich texture and brightness with meticulous hairline pattern. Used widely in home appliance plates, furniture material surfaces, elevator surfaces, etc.

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    Meticulous and customizable hairline and cleaning system

    Primers optimized for hairline and metal ink implementing metalizing effects are applied

    Luxurious pattern, rich texture and brightness, and numerous colors are made available

World’s largest mass production capability through unmatched technology and accumulated expertise.

The unmatched technological prowess of SM led to the achievement in quality competitiveness and scale that is the world’s largest. For the past 20 years, SM has been expanding globally with its passion to pioneer the Korean surface film industry.