Passion for the sustainable future

SM will strive towards a sustainable future with a burning passion and strong principles.

주식회사 에스엠 주식회사 에스엠
Culture of cooperation between our society and the company

We dream of a better tomorrow and mutual growth of our society and the company through ESG management

SM is striving to protect the environment and to foster sustainable growth.
Our ESG(Environmental, Social, Governance) management philosophy is the core of the change for the sustainable future.

  • 주식회사 에스엠
    주식회사 에스엠
    주식회사 에스엠

    Eco Friendliness

    We seek to minimize the environmental impact in the production process by using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing procedures. Environmental impact is also considered in the post-production treatment process.

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    주식회사 에스엠
    주식회사 에스엠

    Social Contributions

    We have great enthusiasm for the social responsibility of a company and aim to provide quality products and services to our customers, generate jobs, improve working conditions, and carry out positive social programs such as volunteer activities.

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    주식회사 에스엠
    주식회사 에스엠

    Ethical Management

    We exert great effort to operate our company based on ethical management and transparency in the command structure and are in the process of implementing a new system for the sustainable management.

주식회사 에스엠 주식회사 에스엠
Social Contributions and Donations

As members of our society, we stand with all people to promote actions for future generations.

  • Social Contributions

    Donations to Charity

    Donations in fund, beddings, and heating costs to Pocheon Kkumiinneunmaeul (2017~ )

    Donations in heading costs to Pocheon Nanumuijip

    Charity for families without parents (Jeomam-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do) : Regular donations for 10 years

    Donations to Hanmaeum Welfare for the disabled and Association of Persons with Disabilities

    Aid to North Korean defectors

  • Donations to Social Organizations

    The Bright Youth

    United Nations Volunteers Korea

    Pocheon Recreation Forest

    Korea Human Development Institute